Puzzles on Schmuggli's Sbrinz Trail

The historic Sbrinz Route goes all the way from Lucerne via Engelberg to Domodossola. This is where the popular Sbrinz cheese was taken and exchanged for olive oil, red wine and other Italian goods. Engelbert the smuggler and his mule Schmuggli attempt to solve six tricky puzzles between Trübsee and Untertrübsee Alp, while remaining undetected by customs officials and witches. Follow them, solve the puzzles and try to decipher the correct answer. There are also attractive prizes to be won.


Wooden coin


You will require a wooden coin to solve the puzzles at the six stations. You can purchase the coin for CHF 5 at the Titlis valley station ticket desk or the self-service restaurant at Trübsee Alpine Lodge. You can then take it home with you as a souvenir.

Start signpost


In which direction should you start? Your wooden coin will show you as soon as you have answered two questions correctly.

Take note of the correct symbol from Schmuggli's secret code in the collection tray and enter it straight into the website using the corresponding QR code. You will find the QR code on the plaque at each location.

Cheese game


This big piece of cheese was left here a very long time ago. The muleteer who once stopped here to rest unpacked his wheel of cheese and immediately noticed that the cheese he had carried all the way up the mountain had holes in it! In his rage, he left the holey Sbrinz cheese behind.

With a little skill, you'll be able to manoeuvre your wooden coin around the holes of the Sbrinz cheese and into the goal.

Eagle game


This game will test your knowledge. Under the watchful eye of the eagle, you must answer tricky questions to uncover the third secret symbol. Only once you have answered all questions correctly will your wooden coin roll into the right collection tray.

Customs shelter


Outwit the customs officer in order to enter the shelter and find the smuggled goods hidden among the storage crates.

This post is perfect for a short rest.

Witch's hut


It's not easy to make it through the mysterious witch's forest without being spotted by the witch. She has made things difficult for you and hidden her secret symbol.

Which animal lives in the witch's hut? Find the animal with the help of a periscope.

Alpine dairy


You will need to demonstrate plenty of skill as you follow the trail between the dairy, handcarts and storage racks – one false move and the sleeping cheesemaker will open his eyes and catch you.

Once you have the final symbol, you can then decipher Schmuggli's secret code on our website. The correct answer will automatically enter you into the prize draw.

Prize draw


With a little luck, you could win one of the following prizes: 

1st prize: Titlis Family Card – one annual pass for the whole family
2nd prize: Trip to Titlis with the whole family
3rd - 10th prizes: Jenga – Schmuggli's game of skill

The prize draw will take place at the end of October.


Opening times

From mid June to 20 October 2024 (for up-to-date information, check out lifts in operation)


Recommended age

6 – 14 years


Walking times

Trübsee lift station to the Start signpost: 30 minutes
Start signpost to Untertrübsee alpine dairy: 1h 30 minutes
Untertrübsee to Gerschnialp lift station: 30 minutes
Untertrübsee to Engelberg: 45 minutes
Untertrübsee to Engelberg by scooter: 20 minutes (only possible on the weekends)



Schmuggli's Sbrinz trail is a mountain trail and is not suitable for pushchairs. 


Barbecue spots

There are no barbecue spots on Schmuggli's Sbrinz trail. However, there are places to sit for a picnic at the "Customs shelter" post.



There is an environmentally friendly Kompotoi toilet at the Älplerseil lift station.



You will need a wooden coin to solve the puzzles at the six stations. The wooden coin costs CHF 5. You will also need an Engelberg-Trübsee cable car ticket. Children with a Junior pass can travel for free on the cable car in the company of a parent.


If you don't want to go the whole way on foot, you can take the Älplerseil cable car to Untertrübsee. There you will find the correct symbols from posts 4 and 5 at the signpost with the milk churn. Follow the signpost to post 6.


Safety information

Please observe the following rules.